TO SEND OR NOT TO SEND is a powerful, unique and Professional/Corporate solution supplying an Online Direct Marketing Solution (ODMS). It provides you with hands-on management of your email marketing campaigns using our Management Software. Your Company can create, send and track your email marketing campaigns.

  • Create powerful email marketing campaigns and Newsletters using our exclusive online Newsletter, Click & Replace Wizard

  • Automate your Subcription process with built-in Webforms, "send to a Friend' Features and allow your clients to update their contact details

  • Build, profile and target customer databases

  • Create online forms for marketing Surveys and event registrations

  • Efficiently track and analyse email marketing results in real time

  • Make use of opt-in or double opt-in Email Marketing functionality

  • Have your messages update twitter, facebook and your linkedin account

  • Configurate SMS services by credits

  • Integrate Social Media channels

Common Email Marketing Activities

  • Providing personalised content to customers
    based on profiles

  • Building and managing Customer databases

  • Sending Html email Newsletters and eBrochures

  • Special emailed offers to generate repeat business

  • Autorespoder software to campaign new subscribers

  • Product updates for new products and service

  • Surveys on what your customers like and want

  • Event registrations to manage and track attendees

  • Product training information emailed to customers

  • Staff news email mechanism for Company information updates

  • Allowing customers to maintain and update their own records

  • Marketing Lead generation management (enquiry, order reports)




Create beautiful emails

When we created our email tools we were driven by the fact that what was available already was just too difficult to use, or far too limited in capability.

Existing tools were made for people who knew how to add display:blockto an image in order to get it to align correctly in Hotmail. No-one should need to know that just to create an email newsletter.

So we set out to build the best email design tools available, ones that would allow anyone to create a great email without having to care about the technicalities. We think you’ll like the results.


Inbox Testing

When you’re sending out an email to a lot of people, you want to make sure it looks just right. Before our email design tools came along, that could be a pain.

Even now, if you’re creating your own HTML emails, or you just want to be sure that everything is perfect, testing how your email appears in every different email client is frustratingly time consuming.

That’s why we baked Inbox Testing right into – so you can see real live screenshots of exactly how your email campaign looks in different clients.

Use social media to enhance your emails

Social media and email were born to be together. They’re like Romeo and Juliet, only with Go social the story has a happy ending.

Go social makes it simple to grow your social followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It also lets readers easily share your content with their networks, helping your message reach even more people.


Marketing Automation


You have better things to do than be monitoring your email results all the time, so let Marketing Automation do the hard work for you.

You simply tell us what to look out for (for example, when it gets to 7 days before someone’s birthday, or when a subscriber clicks a link in a certain campaign) and what to do when that happens (send a specific email, notify your sales team etc.)



A/B Testing

Ever wondered if making a change to your email content or subject line will improve your results or make them worse? With split testing you can know for sure.

Test up to five different email variations at once to segments of your audience and we’ll tell you which performed best. We can even send the winner out to the remaining subscribers automatically.




Amazing email analytics

Once you send out an email campaign with you’ll have access to real-time analytics for that campaign. These let you see exactly how it’s performing and how your readers are interacting with it.


Dynamic content – Customised emails

Our dynamic content system allows emails to be personalised for each recipient, based on rules that you set up.

This isn’t your typical “insert name here” personalisation. This is “this person has told us they’re vegeterian so show them the mushroom risotto, not the photo of a rare steak”. Mmm… steak.


Easy list management

Let’s face it, managing your data can be a chore, particularly if you have more than a few different mailing lists.

That’s why we make things as easy as possible and get rid of a lot of the common problems with mailing list management. We like easy.

Manage unlimited mailing lists, organise your data into folders and store as many custom fields as you need.

We automatically recognise the same subscriber on different lists and intelligently match up the data you store.


Unsubscription and bounce management


We automatically add unsubscription links to your emails and ensure all requests are immediately honoured. This keeps your lists clean, your subscribers happy and ensures you’re compliant with international email laws.


Email addresses change, sometimes emails get rejected. Either way, this means bounces happen. We catch and process these automatically to keep your lists clean.

We differentiate between hard (permanent) and soft (temporary) bounces and then process appropriately. When it’s clear an email address is no longer used, we mark it as suspended and don’t email it again.